My Services

I can create or collaborate on copy for advertising. I have experience with all forms and media. From straight up copy to more precise branding and product messaging, I can address your needs with panache. Or if you don’t want panache I’ll give you what an average writer might provide.

Web Content:
I have experience in creating and editing web content. I understand the basics of WordPress and Google blogs. I can also work in concert with your designers or engineers, of course providing copy, but also conferring on the look and feel of your web presence.

Charitable Work:
For a reduced fee I am available to create content for tax-exempt charitable organizations or non-profits. If your job represents an opportunity for a striking addition to my portfolio I’ll work for free. Let’s talk.

Personal Services:
Do you have someone you wish to communicate with, but find yourself lacking the right words? This is something I can help with. Such services can range from ghost writing for business to being your Cyrano de Bergerac.

Contact me at or 785 979 7592.